North Metro Animal Care & Control Fees

Cash/Credit/Debit ONLY


Pricing Effective 01/01/2020

Impound Fee (Covers first 24 hours of custody & care)                                                    $45.00

City Required Impound Fee (Cities of Blaine & Spring Lake Park ONLY)              $50.00

Boarding Fees (Accrue daily after first 24 hours)                                                               $25.00/day

Veterinary Care (Reasonable/Necessary)                                               Reimbursement of Actual Cost

Pick Up Fee                                                                                 $25.00 

Pick Up Fee - After Hours/Sunday/Holiday                                $35.00

Microchipping                                                                            $30.00


All fees MUST be paid  at the time of your pet's release.

Reclaim of Pet Requirements:


1. Pets are released during Regular Business Hours Only.

2. Valid ID

3. Proof of Pet Ownership (Pictures, Vet Records, etc.)

4. All Fees Paid At Time of Reclaim (Payment Plans area available for qualified persons).

5. Fridley Residents : MUST bring in proof of City License which requires current Rabies Vaccine.

 If your pet does NOT have a current Rabies Vaccine, we are REQUIRED to have it vaccinated for you.   you.  A  charge of $75.00, (Clinic Visit + Vaccination +Transportation)  Will be added to your bill. 

Pets may be picked up any time during our Public Hours.  However, there may be times when we are in the field handling animal calls.  We recommend calling ahead to ensure there is an Officer available to assist you.

763-434-7332 -ext.1

North Metro Animal Care & Control is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization
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